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Starting in 1973 with residential outdoor and attic TV antennas, my career has literally followed the progression of TV in America. From the early days of VHF only to today's digital broadcasts, I've been there and I still maintain a weekly schedule of calls both near and far. 

I have a thorough, hands-on working knowledge of off-air antenna (NTSC,PAL, SECAM  and ATSC), C, Ku and Ka band satellite using dishes up to 16 ft. and all current and past DirecTV commercial satellite systems. I am familiar with the DirecTV Com systems and the Technicolor, ZeeVee, Blonder Tongue NTSC/ATSC modulators. 

I provide both telephone and on-site technical services to interested clients who sell into the SouthEast region. Based in Marietta, GA I am able to provide a physical presence to facilities within 250 miles with longer range/duration assignments always considered. Rates are flexible and I have a late model Ford Van that is equipped with everything from DirecTV dishes and Com QAM mods, blades and power supplies to 2000 ft of coax cable and all the necessary RF and IT test equipment to handle most situations.

Currently I provide services to the Hotel/Motel, Hospital, and Assisted Living markets via clients such as:

Avidex - Sentrix - Allbridge - Axis Satellite - The State of Georgia - FMC Medical Centers - Retirement Home TV - Flagstaff Satellite - Customer 1st Satellite - Just-In-Time Satellite - ESPN/DISNEY - Herschend Family Entertainment - Numerous Clubs and Sports Bars across the South

 I believe in maintaining a positive mindset, creating partnerships with a purpose, and always striving for significant outcomes. When you work with me, you should expect a collaboration with transparency and consistency.


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